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Questo sito è una raccolta di istanti che hanno segnato in qualche maniera il mio passato e fanno ora parte del mio presente, che siano per un avvenimento accadutomi personalmente, che per un semplice attimo che mi è rimasto in mente, queste fotografie raccontano momenti unici ed irripetibili.


Born in Milan in ’76 , Johnny Papagni aka Johnny Pixel , began his artistic research in the mid- 90s .

After a first foray into painting , he experiments the potential of matter choosing waxes and metal alloys . These early experiences are sublimated in ink drawing , where an apparent chaos lurks , however , traces and clues of his past.

In 2010 , lights and shadows become the raw material of his research : thus the “Transpositions” where physical reality is stripped of colors and thickness in order to return to the live interaction with the viewer .

The raids in everyday life whereas brought forth the series “Pictures from the World” while with “microWORLDS” the artist experiences the miniature size. This alters the function of the object triggering poetic and paradoxical narratives : so a chocolate cake becomes a rock wall , an eggshell a house and a jar of sugar a beach .

Quoting Caterina Seri: ” Through the lens of his camera , micro characters come to life and turn into magic microWORLDS. An invisible planet to which yet we all belong, that is inside our own reality, a true “underworld ”

Among recent exhibitions , “Going Places” , NHOW Milan (Milan , 2013) “microWORLDS in exhibition” , Gallery MA -EC Art Expo (Milan 2014) and personal “Night Life in My Kitchen” , Ral8022 (Milan : 2013) “the Great Series” Le Biciclette (Milan 2014) , “microWORLDS and minimicroWORLDS” Fabbrica del Vapore  Milan 2014) , “Assassin Creed Tribute” , Lucca Comics (Lucca 2014) , “Mostra per gioco” Galleria Spazio Tadini (Milan 2014).